Cosmopolitan Movies short film “ZEREEN” will release on January 10 – UKMALAYALEE

Cosmopolitan Movies short film “ZEREEN” will release on January 10

Thursday 21 November 2019 4:50 AM UTC

Rajeev Ouseph

BRISTOL Nov 21: Cosmopolitan club based in united kingdom is presenting a short fim in malayalam under the banner of cosmopolitan movies. The short film named “ZEREEN ” will feature the story of a Young Mother  called ‘ZEREEN’.

The story focus mainly on woman empowerment and a beautiful message to the society about the importance of Motherhood. The story features the struggle of an Young Mother, The sole fight against the society of this young mother and her befitting reply to the people who acted against her.

“I wrote this story based on some real incidents and real life story of one of my friend. The struggle and courage of this young mother really made  me to write this story, her story really touches my heart.

Our society needs to rethink the way we respect and treat women. Nowdays there is an increase in numbers of Innocent women has been left alone in life once she becomes a mother.

The respect is becoming a memory. It carries an important message that a woman is the only person who can be a mother. Mothers are the most precious gift of god. This film is a tribute to every mother in this world”, says Film’s Writer & Director G.Rajesh.

The movie based on women empowerment and the importance of respecting women will be released on 10 January 2020.

Cinematography and Editing -Sobyjo . Art Director -Tom George ,Technical Support – Mathew Jose .Production Controller – Rajeev Ouseph .

G.Rajesh’s Lyrics will be composed by ace music director Doctor Jayesh Kumar.

The recording of this song will be held at Ganapriya Recording Studio ,Alleppey, supported by the flute by Famous musician Josy Alleppley and orchestration by C.S .Sanalkumar .

Backgound music of the film by Doctor Jayesh Kumar. Movie is Written and Directed by G.Rajesh .

Pooja Ceremony of this film will be held on 23 Novemver at 3pm.

Cosmpolitan Movies presented two successful Malayalam drama’s on 2018 & 2019 which is “Ariyapedathavar “( The Unknown ) in 2018 and “Kathirikkunnavar”(Those who waiting for Someone ) .

Both drams’s were very successful on stage and both written and Directed by G.Rajesh

Actors – Josyson Jose, Nevin Jose ,Jose Mathew , V.G Chandramohan ,Sibi Vellanal ,Manu .V, Sony Joseph ,Shaji Koorappillil ,Biju Mon Joseph , Shino , Master Allan , Miss Elissa , Mrs Chanchel Ravi , Mrs Nisha .

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