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An Open Letter to Honourable Prime Minister Rishi Sunak – From Dr Cyriac Maprayil

Wednesday 26 October 2022 8:21 PM UTC

Dear Rishi,

You rose to the occasion to fill the vacuum when the country badly needed a confident, committed and experienced leader who knew exactly what the job entails.

It goes without saying that apart from doing anything and everything to stabilise the economy and addressing the needs of the people means putting in place policies and strategies to address the fears and anxieties generated by the cost of living, not least energy bills, as a first priority.

Your victory is a sign that Britain is truly a multicultural nation and I hope that you will do well in adopting a unifying and consensual approach transcending the era of divisive political slogans.

You can feel proud that the vast majority of the elected members of your party found you suitable to lead the country and take the party forward at this moment of crisis.

It makes sense to review Britain’s foreign policy and defence commitments on which we have embarked in the recent past. The US should not take Britain for granted and in turn the UK should feel free to reflect on its approach to war and peace in the world. At the moment it looks as if the party you represent has committed the UK to a prolonged war in Europe.

More effort needs to be made to bring about peace in Europe and our approach to the asylum seekers and the protection of human rights should not be undermined under the Brexit arrangement – nations need to work together for a better world and you can be a torch bearer to guide the way.

Yours faithfully,

Cyriac Maprayil

Dr Cyriac Maprayil is Director of V K Krishna Menon Institute (Email:

About V K Krishna Menon Institute

The V K Krishna Menon Institute commemorate Menon’s life and work with events to consider his considerable contribution as a diplomat and statesman. A book assessing Menon’s activities in various spheres and edited by the Director of the V K Krishna Menon Institute, Dr Cyriac Maprayil, is currently in preparation. The work will include contributions from, among others, former Fijian Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Mahendra Chaudhry and former British Home office Minister, Rt. Hon Sir Peter Lloyd. Tony Slater, V K Krishan Menon Institute

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