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Alencier aims ‘finger gun’ at Mohanlal

Friday 10 August 2018 1:35 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Aug 10: Alencier’s protest during Kerala state film awards has sparked controversy. Alencier reached near the stage while Mohanlal was speaking and fired two shots by making his fingers in the shape of gun.

 Alencier protested as if Mohanlal was lying. Though he tried to reach near Mohanlal, Film Academy secretary Mahesh Panju and the police stopped him and brought him behind the stage.

Meantime, Alencier’s response was that his action was not a protest. He also said that he did not remember what he did at that very moment.

A K Balan had showed Alencier’s protest to the chief minister. However, Pinarayi seemed enjoying it as he smiled to ease the situation.

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