AFCM Live Band – Two hour musical performance for Christ in Corona Times on 7th Nov on Zoom – UKMALAYALEE

AFCM Live Band – Two hour musical performance for Christ in Corona Times on 7th Nov on Zoom

Sunday 1 November 2020 9:23 PM UTC

By Alison Rebello

BIRMINGHAM Nov 2: Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries (AFCM) Live Band via Zoom recently set ablaze the spirit of around 90 participants from around the world for two hours. Watching it beamed alive while at home; it transported me to my young days when music, praise and worship stirred the strings of my soul to divinity. It motivated me to put pen to paper in praise of the youngsters who put up a powerful performance for Jesus.

Heartfelt thanks to the dynamism of those who organised, contributed, lend their faith stories through music, shared testimonies and generally praised and worshipped the scripture verses from Bible. It hopefully stirred and strengthened the faith of a few youngsters’ lives in ways that leaves a lasting impression about the creator, as we sail through an unprecedented time.

Pope Francis said of young people that “the church needs you, your enthusiasm, your creativity and the joy that is so characteristic of you,” and that radiated throughout this Live Band event.

Vismaya and Amanda anchored the session by introducing various leaders from around the world even as they took turn to steer the Christ-filled two hours. The music reverberated through various continents and accelerated the pace of the musical praise and worship session. The anchors also requested the participants to come on video mode to groove to the music.

The UK musical band G126 so named after Genesis 1:26: “Then God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness,” belted two hip hop rap numbers by the talented crooners Nevil and Austin. While introducing the group Nevil said: “We are firmly rooted in our group’s core value based on the words from Genesis 1:26. We have digitally been to America, Australia, Belgium, UK and other places in Europe, but once the uncertainties’ surrounding the current pandemic is over, we hope to visit all these places and entertain you with live performances.” After his rap performance Austin said: “We are chasing the crown of righteousness and we need to continue doing that to keep up with Christ.”

Joyal from Belgium shared the story of the prodigal son in his own words and enthralled the online participants with his inimitable English worship songs in praise of Abba Father.

AFCM full-timer for Christ and part-time psychology student Jean Sajeev from Australia (that’s how he introduced himself) shared a few scripture nuggets and exhorted that- ‘If God be for us who can be against us’ and lifted the spirit of the participants. He encouraged the online retreatants with praise and worship before singing a Malayalam song.

Maria, a talented musician from United States sang a few English and Malayalam devotional numbers while strumming her guitar in praise of the unconditional love of God. Another duet from AFCM Belgium Eric Joseph and Danish Roshan took their turn recalling scripture passage before entertaining the participants. Eric briefly spoke on Romans 15: 13 and Danish claimed his strength from Matthew 7: 24-25 and then sang songs to encourage everyone.

Sony, the regular musician at all Sehion and AFCM retreats and convention, drew the attention of the participants to Colossians 3: 17: “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” He sang a very meaningful Malayalam song “Enne purnamayii, paripurnamayii” surrendering everyone to God the Father and encouraged everyone to join in singing the chorus with him.

The last of the Band saw AFCM America artists (part of Witnesses USA) sing two beautiful songs. Aditya Paul sang his newly released solo album ‘Beautiful Savior’ and Joel Jose enthralled the audience with his newly cut out album ‘Truth.’

Many online participants clapped in unison while the singing was going on and vibed a little to make it more attractive. I loved the simplicity, devotion and earnestness of the contributors as their joyful songs echoed invitations to praise God through various scripture passages. Some of these worship crooners sang their heart out and offered us a profound reminder of the joy of singing for Christ.

On that dulcet note, AFCM Europe Spiritual Director Fr Shyju Naduvathaniyil thanked everyone with a solemn blessing.

A similar event AFCM Global Christian Live Band will be beamed via Zoom on November 7, 2020 11am-1pm (GMT) with performances by musicians from UK, USA, Canada, Slovakia, Bulgaria, India, Australia and Ireland.

(Alison Rebello is the Chairman of North East England Catholic Writers Guild and a member of AFCM Newcastle)

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