Refuse The Abuse campaign: Kerala actress wants her misused movie scenes from age 14 to be deleted (Video) – UKMALAYALEE

Refuse The Abuse campaign: Kerala actress wants her misused movie scenes from age 14 to be deleted (Video)

Sunday 18 October 2020 8:00 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

KOCHI Oct 18: A Malayalee actress had acted in a Malayalam film titled “For Sale”, a 2013 movie, when she was aged 14. Scenes shot for the film soon started to get circulated through porn sites with vulgar comments. The actress lodged a complaint with the police and authorities for those misused scenes to be deleted and no action were taken.

For Sale, released in 2013, is directed by Sathish Ananthapuri starring Mukesh, Saikumar, Aiswarya and Sandhya and produced by Anto Kadavelil

Women in Cinema Collective (WCC), a group of women in the Malayalam film industry, had recently launched a new campaign titled ‘Refuse the Abuse’ declaring protest on cyber attacks against women. This gave this actress an opportunity to voice her dissent against the miscreants and the authorities.

The ‘Refuse The Abuse’ campaign is part of WCC’s efforts to make cyber spaces safe and free of abuse and harassment. On their social media pages, WCC had mentioned, “The campaign will feature cyber experts and survivors, sharing their stories, their expertise and experiences respectively.

The actress is Sona M Abraham, now a Law student.

She took onto social media to begin a campaign to have her film scenes deleted and action taken against those who were behind circulating the pictures and videos.

She took onto Facebook and wrote: “I have always been afraid of the society and judgements and i took the abuse as if i deserved it .But i didn’t deserve any bit of what i went through all these years. I am proud of myself, and the online abusers and the perpetrators are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. Now the refusetheabuse campaign started by #WCC has given me so much strength and courage to open up and talk about things. I hope to see some changes towards the misogynistic and inhumane treatment and attitude. Looking forward Women in Cinema Collective. #SonaAbraham