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Prithviraj and crew home after 3 months stranded in Jordan

Saturday 23 May 2020 1:50 AM UTC

New Delhi May 23: Malayalee actor Prithviraj, who was stranded in Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert along with a 58-member crew for almost three months, returned to Kochi on Friday morning.

The 37-year-old actor was in the Arab nation for upcoming Malayalam film Aadujeevitham when their permission to shoot in the country was revoked on March 27 because of the coronavirus outbreak.

After touching down in Kochi, Prithviraj shared a photo of himself from the airport – wearing a mask and hand gloves – as mandatory precautions while travelling, and captioned the photo: “Back.”

In the hashtag, he added that he is going in quarantine, presumably for two weeks, as per government mandate to prevent the spread of coronavirus. “Off to quarantine in style,” wrote Prithviraj, who now sports long hair with beard covering half of his face.

While his colleagues welcomed him back with cheerful messages on his post, it’s one comment by Prithviraj’s wife Supriya, which is winning the Internet. “Puthiya mukham,” she wrote, which translates into English as “new avatar.”

For the uninitiated, Puthiya Mukham is also the name of a popular film by Prithviraj, in which he underwent massive character transformation to win back the love of his life.

In a statement release on her Instagram, Supriya wrote: “After almost three months, Prithviraj and the crew of Aadujeevitham have reached Kerala.

They will all be going to quarantine as per regulation. It’s been a long and arduous wait but we are really thankful to everyone including the authorities who helped facilitate this return.

Personally, we would like to thank all the fans and well wishers who prayed for us and gave us strength during our time of separation.”

Prithviraj and Supriya, who got married in 2011, are parents to a daughter named Alankrita. Talking about their daughter, Supriya added: “Ally is thrilled her dada is back and hopes to see him after two weeks.”

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Jordan had shared this update about arranging for 187 Indians to fly out from the Arab country to destination Delhi and Kochi.

Prithviraj and Supriya celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary last month with adorable posts on social media.

“Apart for now…together forever!” Prithviraj had written from Jordan with the hashtag #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona.