Pearly Maaney supports Rajith at Boss reality show – UKMALAYALEE

Pearly Maaney supports Rajith at Boss reality show

Tuesday 3 March 2020 3:56 AM UTC

KOCHI March 3: Dr.Rajith Kumar has been quite popular among the Malayali audience ever since the beginning of the second season of the reality show Big Boss.

While several people have expressed their support for Rajith on social media, some people were seen criticizing him for his controversial statements. Recently, popular anchor and actress Pearly Manney, who had participated in the first season of the reality show, came up supporting him.

Earlier, Pearly had expressed her support for Rajith through social media. In a recent interview, she opened up about why she has been supporting him.

While criticizing Rajith’s fellow contestants for behaving rudely towards him, Pearly said that nobody has the right to physically assault or inflict pain on others.

Despite being unable to watch the show regularly, Pearly said that she had come across several short videos of the show and people’s opinions about it. “I started supporting Rajith sir after watching two episodes.

Upon watching the show, I came to realize that Rajith sir had suffered an injury during an activity in the show. Since I’ve been in the show, I know what it feels like to be in his situation.

It feels like you are trapped in a lift. During such a situation, one might feel terrified upon seeing a knife even if it is not used to attack you. People outside will not be able to understand it,” she added.

Pearly also came down heavily on Rajith’s fellow contestants “I was disturbed by the way some of the contestants behaved with Rajith sir.

Nobody has the right to inflict pain on others and there is a limit for everything. I would have said the same even if someone else was in Rajith sir’s place. You simply cannot justify assaulting others,” she said.