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Mohanlal fans’ association splits into two

Wednesday 3 July 2019 2:07 AM UTC

KOCHI July 3: Differences of opinion have cropped up in actor Mohanlal fans’ official organisation AKMFCWA (All Kerala Mohanlal Fans Cultural Welfare Association).

As there was differences at the leadership level of the organisation, some members broke away from the organisation and formed a new organisation.

The name of the new organisation is URMFWO (Universal Real Mohanlal Fans Welfare Organisation).

The members of the new organisation have informed that they left the organisation as they were fed up with the antics of certain members who are with General Secretary Vimal.

They took to their Facebook page to announce their decision.

Meanwhile, URMFWO members have alleged that AKMFCWA’s Kollam district committee president Sanoffer had humiliated the new organisation and his words were the ones that demeaned Mohanlal, as well.