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Mappilapaatu singer Eranholi Moosa dies at 75

Wednesday 8 May 2019 2:52 AM UTC

THALASSERY May 8: Worldwide, Keralites are mourning the demise of Mappila paattu singer Eranholi Moosa, whose voice and the name is synonymous with the music that he brought to life. Moosa was also Folklore Academy vice-chairman. On Monday, the eminent Mappila paattu singer breathed his last at his residence in Thalassery.

Local reports cite that the singer was undergoing treatment for the pulmonary disease at a private hospital in Kozhikode. The funeral is likely to take place today at the Mattambram Juma Masjid Khabarastan.

‘Mappila paatu’ refers to a highly popular genre of folk music that is sung in the local Malayalam dialect, by the Mappilas of Kerala, mostly belonging to the Malabar region.

It is generally seen that the lyrics are a seamless blend of Malayalam as well as Arabic. Many of the folklore songs are known to praise the Sufi saints and their good deeds.

In Kerala, ‘Mappila paatu’ is a very popular musical genre that has evolved across decades.

Eranholi Moosa’s name is synonymous with ‘Mappila paatu’ but it took decades of struggles for the man to become the legend that he is today.