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Amala Paul’s hot look in Aadai (VIDEO)

Thursday 6 September 2018 12:45 AM UTC

KOCHI Sept 6: Amala Paul’s first look from her next movie Aadai has hit the internet with a bang. Indeed, her bold poster has become the talk of the town among the cine-goers.

While the look has left her fans speechless, a section of the audience have made undignified comments and called her the next “porn star.”

In the first look, Amala Paul is crying for help with the actress almost being stripped. It clearly indicates that the film is going to tell the story of a rape victim. The poster looks realistic and her expressions are perfect for the character.

Unfortunately, a section of viewers have issues with the actress wearing the bold outfit and the role. The shocking part of the story is that she is being compared to Sunny Leone and porn stars with a few accusing her of crossing the limits after her divorce with director AL Vijay.

Her hardcore fans have come to her rescue by defending her. “the day ppl like you see women beyond their body is the day women will be safe in this country.!!

There is lot of soul and pain in this poster but all you can see is her skin.!! ‍♂‍♂ It’s a poster from a situation in the movie so if you don’t appreciate it that’s fine but don’t criticise it.!!! No offense meant.! [sic]” a fan tries to silence her critics.