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Alencier apologises to Divya and all colleagues offended by his behavior

Thursday 21 February 2019 2:54 AM UTC

KOCHI Feb 21: Actor Alencier tendered an apology for all the wrongdoings from his side. Actress Divya Gopinath had voiced a ‘Me Too Campaign’ against the actor.

The actress had registered a case against the actor after it sparked a controversy. She said that if the case has to be withdrawn the actor should tender an apology. Following that, the actor offered an apology.

The actor said, “I am not a saint. I am a human being and like everyone, I too make mistakes. The only way is to apologise. I apologise to everyone who are hurt of my behaviour. I have also taken my wife and children into confidence.”

Meantime, Divya said that she is happy after the actor tendered an apology. I don’t want to proceed with the case anymore.

Alencier had staged a protest against actor Mohanal at a function held in the capital city. He had aimed a ‘finger gun’ at the actor.

On February 17, 2019, in an interview to Kochi Times, Divya Gopinath sought a public apology from the actor. After the interview came out, Alencier contacted Kochi Times to issue a public apology.

He told the newspaper that he reached out to Divya on phone and apologised to her. He said their conversation was cordial, but she insisted that he offers a public apology.

In his apology published in the newspaper, Alencier said he repented the action and sought an apology when he realised that his actions hurt her.

He said he is choosing to offer an apology through media as she wanted it from him and added that his apology is not just to Divya, but to all his colleagues who were offended by his behaviour.