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I read, study Gita… hence I know: Ali Akbar

Monday 17 September 2018 2:52 AM UTC

KOCHI Sept 17: Film maker Ali Akbar has come out to criticise those who shower him with verbal abuse as soon as he puts up a FB post on the nation’s culture or Modi government.


He has written the new post with the title, ‘For whom is Religious Fanaticism?’


He says that he had visited the profile of persons who censure him. “Most of them were found to be Fake IDs. When I read through their minds, I could sense their harsh religious sentiments within them. Sangh Parivar organisation are their main enemy.


They are people who are scared of Modiji’s administrative reforms.


In 2019, Modi should gain majority in the Rajya Sabha also and the government should be aware of the need for upholding the nation’s rich tradition before the world.


By reading regularly the holy Gita, we come to realise that we are living in a great culture that conceives and tolerates other cultures,” Ali Akbar says.