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How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert Through Blogging

Thursday 12 April 2018 5:05 AM UTC

Almost a decade ago, I started a blog. It was a blog about motorcycles. I started that blog because I was bored as the company that gave me a placement offer was delaying my joining date. The decision to start a blog was the best career decision I have ever made in my life, ever. It has helped me shape my digital marketing career and made me what I am today

After having worked in leading start-ups in India as a digital marketing manager, I am taking steps to start my own digital marketing agency. I am yet to complete the company registration but already have 150 clients lined up, ready to sign up for my services. If there is one thing that I would like to attribute most of my career success to — that would be blogging.

But people are skeptical and find it difficult to believe that you can actually become a digital marketing expert through blogging.Here I’ll explain how blogging can help you become a digital marketing expert.

It would also answer the following questions that people keep asking me:

How do I land a senior digital marketer position at an awesome company?
How do I learn marketing tactics that nobody else is using?
How do I create a personal brand that will have companies approaching me to hire my services?

Digital marketing has several aspects to it. The market has grown so big that each of these modules needs a separate expert inside a company.

Some of the major modules in digital marketing are as follows:

Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Integrated Digital Marketing

To become a true digital marketer, you should be able to conduct high-quality digital marketing campaigns to help build brands from scratch. And, to do so, you need to know how to leverage all the skills mentioned above. And, if you want to become a specialist in one of those skills, you need to go deeper in it and master it.

In digital marketing, we call this a T-shaped marketer. The horizontal line of the ‘T’ is knowing all the basic components to be a good digital marketer and the vertical line of the ‘T’ is becoming a specialist in one of the component.

To master one of the mentioned skills, it will take a lifetime and it’ll be almost impossible to do so with the traditional method of learning. You can only become a master when you successfully apply the knowledge, not when you complete the learning. And, considering the fast-changing nature of the skills, you’ll need to constantly learn and apply.

Now, let’s look into each one of the skills and how blogging can help you to master it.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is the hottest skill that’s in huge demand. Content marketing is not just writing a blog post or article and publishing it online.

According to Seth Godin, content marketing is the only marketing that remains. It has gained more traction as more and more businesses are starting to realize the importance of it. And it is mainly because the ads are becoming inefficient by each day.