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FaceApp Viral Photo Editing App Blocking Users From India

Thursday 18 July 2019 1:11 AM UTC

NEW DELHI July 18: FaceApp, the photo editing app with age filters that have made the app viral virtually overnight, seems to be now blocking users from India.

The app is still available for to download for Android and iOS respectively from Google Play and Apple’s App Store, but trying to use FaceApp from India now leads to error.

The FaceApp block was reported by users on Twitter and confirmed independently by Gadgets 360. We’ve reached out to the company behind the app for a comment on the development, and will update this story as and when we hear from them.

If you are on Android and trying to use FaceApp from India, you might now be greeted with an error “Something went wrong, Please try again”. iOS users are getting a more cryptic “ApiRequestError error 6 – Operation couldn’t be completed” message.

The problem was first reported by some Twitter users, and confirmed by Gadgets 360, as seen in the screenshots above.

FaceApp, which uses AI to apply various effects to your face, including the viral old-age filter, has been trending the last few days, catapulting the app to the top spot as the #1 free app in Apple’s App Store, and the top three in Google Play at the time of filing this report.

Everyone and their grandmother, it seems, has been posting their FaceApp-ed portrait to social media, not too dissimilar to the Prisma-craze from almost exactly three years ago.

Apart from the old-age filter, FaceApp can also “make you smile”, converting a regular photo into one where you are smiling.

Similar to the old-age filter, another filter lets you look younger, while yet another FaceApp filter lets you change your style and experiment with different hair styles et al.