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Queen launches fight against plastics after watching Attenborough's documentary

LONDON Feb 12: THE Queen has launched a major crackdown on plastics across the royal estate after meeting with Blue Planet presenter Sir David Attenborough.
The measures taken include phasing out plastic straws in all public cafes and staff dining rooms, a ban on plastic water bottles in meetings and ensuring all takeaway food packaging is biodegradable. 
The move comes after the 91-year-old monarch recorded a documentary with the TV naturalist, also 91, about a conservation project called the Commonwealth Canopy. 
The pair, born just a few weeks apart, were filmed laughing and joking together in November as they discussed the aim to create a network of national forest parks in the 52 countries of the Commonwealth. 
A Palace spokesman indicated the Queen had taken a personal interest in the reduction of plastic, saying: “Across the organisation, the Royal Household is committed to reducing its environmental impact.” 
The royal residences affected include Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyrood house in Edinburgh. 
Companies applying for Royal Warrants are now assessed against environmental criteria too, meaning that suppliers must prove they are not polluting the planet.