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New on-demand fuel service will fill up your car at home

LONDON Feb 9: Zebra Fuel launches UK’s first on-demand fuel service, bringing the filling station to your car.
Drivers can order fuel via the Zebra Fuel app any time of day or night and have someone top up their tank within minutes. 
Backed by the founders of Zoopla, Lastminute.com and Amazon Video's predecessor LoveFilm, the brains behind the new idea aim to replace every petrol station in the country - despite not selling cigarettes, newspapers or snacks.
Similar to Deliveroo and UberEats, there is a delivery charge, which ranges from £2.99 off peak to £3.99 during busy periods.
Zebra Fuel has launched operations for owners of diesel cars in central London, and plans to extend its reach across the capital, with a petrol service coming “very soon”. Zebra Fuel could even branch out into recharging electric cars in the future.
To access the service, users simply download and register with the Zebra Fuel app, and enter their car’s location and registration details. Users then set a required time, specify how much fuel they would like, and leave their fuel cap open. A Zebra Fuel van will then come to the car and an operative will fill it up.
And while a £2.99 service fee applies (increasing to £3.99 during peak hours), the company presently charges a competitive 1.21p per litre of diesel. Zebra Fuel also operates 24 hours a day, meaning drivers can have their cars filled up while they sleep.
Founded by Reda Bennis and Romain Saint Guilhem, Zebra Fuel recently secured $2.5 million (£1.8 million) of funding from a series of investors including Alex Chesterman, than brains behind property website Zoopla.