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Kerala woman breathes in mortuary, dies later

Kottayam Sept 8: In a bizarre occurrence, a woman given up for dead in an ambulance, was found alive and shifted to a private hospital where she died on Wednesday evening.
The woman, Rathnam, 52, wife of Muniswamy of Vandanmedu Puthuval Rathna Vilasam in Idukki district was undergoing treatment at the Velammal medical college hospital in Madurai.
Rathnam was suffering from Jaundice and liver and Kidney related illnesses, and was surviving on ventilator support at the hospital. Hospital sources said that with her condition deteriorating, there was no hope that she would live.
According to Vandanmedu police, the woman’s relatives shifted her against medical advice to her house at Vandanmedu in Idukki district, so that her end may be at her house.   
While being transported in an ambulance which had an oxygen facility, relatives thought that she died after her body went still. 
The relatives placed her body on a freezer without seeking the opinion of the doctors to confirm the death.
However, it was when the body was taken to her house at Vandanmedu, neighbours who had come to pay homage saw traces of life in her body.
The Vandanmedu police was intimated and the police conducted a check up on her and confirmed that she was alive. Rathnam was later shifted to an ICU at the St Johns hospital at Kattapana.
Shinu VR PRO of the hospital told DC that when the lady was brought to the hospital there was life in her body. However, she died late in the evening.