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Police officer who aggressively arrested nurse for doing her job is fired

NEW YORK Sept 7: A police officer who was filmed aggressively arresting a nurse because she followed hospital procedure has been fired.
Salt Lake City Police detective Jeff Payne, who also worked part-time for Gold Cross Ambulance, was sacked by the paramedic service.
In the video, nurse Alex Wubbels is seen discussing a warrant Payne has brought in to gather blood vials for an investigation.
Wubbels has her superior on the phone as she goes through the warrant and claims that it does not match with the criteria to legally execute it at the Utah hospital.
The talk gets heated and the person on the phone is heard telling the officer: ‘Sir, you’re making a huge mistake right now. Like, you’re making a huge mistake because you’re threatening –‘
Suddenly, Payne snaps and tries to grab the phone off Wubbles. He says: ‘No we’re done, we’re done — you’re under arrest. I said we’re done!’
Payne pushes Wubbels toward and exit, bends her over something outside and arrests her. She cries out ‘help me!’ and begins to sob.
The two officers with Payne do nothing throughout the arrest. Wubbles is placed in a car and sits there for 20 minutes before she is uncuffed. Payne can also be heard making remarks about the ambulance service has been since been fired from.
The Gold Cross Ambulance said in a statement: ‘Although Jeff was not working for Gold Cross Ambulance at the time of the incident, we take his inapproriate remarks regarding patient transports seriously.
‘We acknowledge those concerned individuals who have contacted us regarding the incident and affirm out commitment to serving all members of the community with kindness and respect.’
No charges were ever brought against the detective following the July incident, though he’s been taken off the blood draw program, reports Desert News.
Salt Lake Police sergeant Brandon Shearer said chief Mike Brown had seen the video and branded it ‘very alarming’.