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Britain to bask in settled, sunny weather from now on with highs of 77F this weekend

LONDON June 2: Britain has enjoyed its sunniest and warmest May since records began in 1929, provisional figures show, despite the week of torrential rain, thunderstorms and flash flooding that has brought travel chaos to Britain. 
And things could be about to change this weekend at the start of meteorological summer, with more settled and sunny weather expected for much of England as temperatures soar as high as 77F (25C) in the South on Sunday.
Fresher air will arrive with a cold front to signal an end to the humidity and muggy nights that have blighted the country in recent days, while temperatures should get up to a minimum of around 70F (21C) for the next week.
But the risk of thunderstorms and torrential rain will remain for Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of eastern England for the next few days with the Met Office having imposed warnings for these areas today and tomorrow.
A total of 245.3 hours of sunshine were measured across the country last month, according to the Met Office, making it the sunniest while it has also been the warmest May since records began in 1910. 
The average daytime maximum temperature was 62.6F (17.0C), just beating the previous all-time high of 62.4F (16.9C) set in May 1992.