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Criticism over New Year fireworks in London (Column By Ash)

By Ash
I hardly get into Facebook rants, but frequently come across things that are frankly outrageous. More often than not, I tell myself that these are trolls, purposefully doing this to waste everyone’s time. 
However, I’ve been proven wrong on the consciousness and good judgment of people recently (re. Brexit, US Elections, and madness following). So here’s some thoughts to bring to light arguments for those who thinks homelessness could be solved with the money (£3m) spent on that event.
This post is mostly arguments voiced by my husband, in response to some of the comments that were written against the current London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s post of London fireworks for New Year.
Despite having had Fireworks for New Years and Guy Fawkes day for years, it’s only under Sadiq Khan’s time as mayor that there’s complaints. Using causes that people care about (ie. homelessness or police funding) to bash Sadiq Khan as a mayor for practically everything he does.
How about instead, if you really care about causes like the homelessness, doing something about it in the real world? Being a keyboard warrior is all fun and games but all you’re doing is targeting someone for a (ticketed) event that’s been going on for years, and blaming them for people not being able to see it, and animals being scared (?!?).
I don’t know Sadiq Khan personally, and I’m guessing a lot of you don’t either, so I’m guessing that you’re basing your opinions from past (limited) experience with people of ethnic origin, and generalising that opinion to extend to the mayor as well.
Because where’s your outrage over all failed vanity projects by the past mayor Boris Johnson, totalling over £950 million?! The garden bridge and the cable cars being but a few on his list: yet a £3m event that has always been ticketed (even under boris) is being used as an excuse for poorly concealed racism.
Perhaps what we should be doing in 2018 should be to look for, and spread positivity around us rather than spreading the negativity prevalent in our society these days.
Aswathy Mohanaprakas (neé Mohanlal) is an Oxford graduate and works in Information Security at Oxford during the day, while writing on the side. She is currently working on a translation of an 18th Century Portuguese text cataloguing Malabarese medicinal plants which will be published by the Natural History Museum of London as part of their digitised collection. Aswathy is a young parent and a proud feminist. She also does editorial pieces for Kerala Link. You can follow her blogs on https://truthflows.wordpress.com