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Workers to get year of leave to care for elderly relatives if Tories win

LONDON May 15: Worker's will be given a legal right to take a year's leave from their job to care for elderly relatives under a Conservative Government, Theresa May will announce today, Telegraph News reported.
The Prime Minister will unveil plans for the "greatest expansion of workers rights" by any Conservative Government in history as she seeks to make inroads into Labour's heartlands.
Chief among them will be a legal entitlement to take time off work to look after for loved ones on a full-time basis amid mounting concern about the scale of the social care crisis.
More than six million people are acting as unpaid carers, with a third of them spending more than 50 hours a week looking after their loved ones.
The new statutory right, much like maternity leave, will mean that their jobs are guaranteed while they are caring for their loved ones - although they will not be paid.
Mrs May will unveil 11 pledges for the Conservative manifesto to enhance workers rights as she seeks to gain the support of disenchanted working-class voters who feel alienated by Jeremy Corbyn.
She will pledge to introduce new rights for self-employed and temporary employees in the "gig economy" new rights, which could include paid maternity and paternity leave.
In a further announcement, the Prime Minister will say that she wants to introduce a statutory right to two-weeks of paid child bereavement leave.
The Prime Minister will say: “I said I would use Brexit to extend the protections and rights that workers enjoy, and our manifesto will deliver exactly that. Our plans, backed up with strong and stable leadership, will be the greatest expansion in workers’ rights by any Conservative Government in history.
“By working with business, reducing taxes and dealing with the deficit we have delivered steady improvements to the economic prospects of working people. Now is the time to lock in that economic growth and ensure the proceeds are spread to everyone in our country.
“There is only one leader at this election who will put rights and opportunities for ordinary working families first. The choice next month is clear: economic stability and a better deal for workers under my Conservative team, or chaos under Jeremy Corbyn, whose nonsensical policies would trash the economy and destroy jobs."
The new entitlement to care leave is likely to be modelled on a similar policy in Ireland, where workers can take between three months and two years off to help loved ones.