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Parents of seriously ill baby win £1million lottery prize

KENT Sept 9: Life got a little easier for a UK couple from Kent, with a baby who has a serious health condition after they won  £1million on the Euromillions.
Up until a few days ago, the future was looking grim for Amy and Adam Pryor as their daughter requires several trips to London hospitals for treatment, the Daily Mail reported.
Now, after the lucky dip, they feel more hopeful for their child's recovery.
"I don't really believe in fate but on this occasion I think I might, the timing of our win really couldn't have been better as until last Tuesday the future was looking a bit grim," Adam told the Daily Mail.
Adding, "Charlotte needs almost constant one-to-one care and has frequent hospital appointments so we had decided that Amy would not return to work at the end of the month as originally planned."
"And now, when we needed it most, Lady Luck has stepped in and we couldn't be more relieved," the happy winner explains.
The two plan to buy two cars, cordless vacuum cleaner and a holiday to Disney World.