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Learner drivers to have lessons on motorways to get rid of middle lane hoggers

LONDON Aug 13: Learner drivers will be able to have lessons on motorways after ministers pledged to lift a ban in a bid to improve road safety.
The change will come into effect in 2018 when the drivers will be allowed onto motorways for the first time as long as they are accompanied by an approved instructor in a dual control car.
It is hoped giving drivers more experience before they pass their test will end the practice of middle lane hoggers who are unaware of the rules of the road.
Edmund King, the President of the AA, said explaining to people which lane they should be in could help reduce congestion because slower drivers would know not to block the outside lanes.
He told The Sunday Telegraph: “If people use motorways properly it would free up capacity. If people are hogging the middle lane you are losing one third of the motorway.
“If you had people taught lane discipline you would free up that capacity.”
The ban on learners driving on the motorway until after they have passed their test means that for many their first experience of using the roads is as a new driver.
As a result many may be unaware of rules relating to lane discipline, set out in the Highway Code, which state that motorists should always drive in the left-hand lane when the road ahead is clear.
Meanwhile, if you are overtaking slower-moving vehicles you should return to the left-hand lane as soon as you are safely past.
Mr King said that AA research suggested that 13,000 drivers a day plan their route to avoid motorways, many out of fear, despite the fact that statistically they are the UK’s safest roads.
He welcomed lifting the ban on learner drivers and said the move would help improve road safety. He said: “You see lots of new drivers driving at 25 miles per hour on motorways which is dangerous.
“Also, on lane discipline, many of the middle lane hogs say that they thought it was for doing 60 miles per hour.