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Chaos at London Heathrow as Terminal Five baggage system breaks down

LONDON July 27: A power surge caused the London Heathrow Terminal 5 baggage system to go down again yesterday morning.
Staff had to manually check in traveller's bags as the system stopped working at about 9am. 
Passenger Diane Duncan‏ said: 'Terminal 5 Heathrow British Airways bagdrop complete standstill, conveyor belts stopped, nothing moving and no information. Massive queues.'
Home Affairs Correspondent for BBC News Daniel Sandford wrote on Twitter: 'Heathrow Terminal 5 is broken again. Baggage system down. All bags being done manually.'
Paul Simmonds‏ wrote on Twitter: 'British Airways in chaos again as baggage system breaks down, queues building.'
But after a short delay the system began operating as normal.    
A spokesman for London Heathrow insisted there had been no delays to flights or passengers as a result.
They added: 'A power surge in the National Grid outside of the airport caused the baggage system in Terminal 5 to be suspended for a few minutes. The system is now operating normally and there will be no delays to our flights or passengers as a result.' 
The last incident comes a month after hundreds of passengers had to fly out of Heathrow without their luggage when the airport's baggage system failed.
That problem affected British Airways, Iberia, and American Airlines flights in Terminal 3 and Terminal 5.
And that came just three weeks after a global computer meltdown caused travel chaos for thousands of British Airways passengers.