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Plans to charge motorists £15 to enter Heathrow airport area

LONDON July 8: A new “H-charge” on motorists to tackle toxic air around Heathrow as part of plans for a third runway was today backed by two of Britain’s leading airport experts, Evening Standard reported.
Sir Howard Davies, who chaired Britain’s Airports Commission, suggested a levy of £10 to £15 could be imposed on holidaymakers, business executives and other travellers seeking to drive polluting vehicles to the west London airport.
Lord Adonis, chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, also backs a “congestion cordon” around a bigger Heathrow.
While Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is understood to believe that some form of low emission zone around the airport will be needed.
He has stressed that another runway will only be allowed to operate if it can do so within air quality limits.
Currently, EU limits on nitrogen dioxide are widely breached across London including around Heathrow, largely due to road traffic levels.
In an interview with the Standard, Sir Howard, whose panel two years ago recommended a third Heathrow runway, said: “When we looked at this, congestion charging to the airport was something that people regarded as pretty extreme.
“But I think now, the congestion charge is hardly controversial in London any more.”
The former director of the London School of Economics added: “The idea that you should have to pay, you know, ten quid or 15 quid if you really want to drive to the airport and maybe you pay more if you are in a diesel car, I think that is a perfectly politically acceptable thing.