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Emirates flight to Dubai forced to make emergency landing at Heathrow airport

LONDON March 13: A flight bound for Dubai was forced to make an emergency landing at London’s Heathrow airport after the front wheel became stuck.
The Emirates passenger jet had set off from Manchester but had to prematurely end its journey in London after just 90 minutes in the air.
Plane spotters saw the aeroplane circling above Yorkshire after it took off at just after 1.30pm on Sunday.
One of the wheels of the plane, which come out when taking off and landing, had failed to retract meaning it was still stuck outside the jet.
Photos taken from the ground clearly show one of the wheels still protruding from the Emirates flight EK18 while in the air.
One plane expert recorded the plane landing at Heathrow, at just after 3pm. They said on Twitter: “EK18 has landed safely, a great landing keeping the pressure off of the front gear. “It has taxied off and met by Fire Services
The plane had been spotted by one woman circling over west Yorkshire “four times” before heading down south to land.
A map of the plane’s flight path shows it doing a loop north of Sheffield before heading south over the Peak District.
Emirates told the Mail in a statement: "Emirates flight EK 18 from Manchester to Dubai on 12 March was diverted to London Heathrow shortly after takeoff due to a technical fault. 
"The aircraft landed safely at London Heathrow. Passengers will be disembarked and rebooked on alternate Emirates flights for their onward journey to Dubai. 
"Emirates apologises for the inconvenience caused. The safety of our passengers and crew is of paramount importance and will not be compromised."