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Diesel car owners 'to be given £2,000 to scrap vehicles'

LONDON April 18: Diesel car owners could be paid to scrap their vehicles in a plan expected to be unveiled by the government, Metro News reported. 
Ministers are reported to be planning the incentive for owners of older cars as part of efforts to tackle air pollution. 
Drivers may be paid as much as £2,000 towards a new car with a cleaner engine, according to reports.
Diesel cars are known for emitting nitrogen oxides which are linked to lung problems including asthma, with older models thought to be particularly polluting. 
The European Environment Agency said there were almost 12,000 premature deaths linked to nitrogen dioxide in 2013 - the second highest number in Europe after Italy,
There are thought to be almost two million diesel cars over 12 years old on Britain's roads.
The scheme, expected to be announced next week, could be restricted to those on low incomes or drivers living in the areas of the UK with highest pollution levels.