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Britons are willing to pay extra £27,000 for a home with garden

LONDON July 5: Britons are willing to stump up an extra £27,000 the home they are considering buying has a garden, a new survey suggests.
In London and the South East of England, where outside space comes at a premium, buyers are willing to fork out more than £30,000 more to bag a home with outside space.
Around 80 per cent of over 1,700 homeowners surveyed by Zoopla said they had previously rejected a property because it did not come with any outdoor space and over half had dismissed a home for having an unkempt garden.
With the barbecue and sun-worshiping season in full swing, green-fingered homeowners spend around £41 a month on their garden, while those renting their homes spend just £18 a month on maintaining their outdoor spaces.
Zoopla said nearly 90 per cent of the thousands of people it surveyed claimed having a garden was one of the most important factors when deciding to buy a new home.
Buyers in the South East take outdoor space seriously and are prepared to stump up an additional £31,768 if it means getting a home with a garden. 
How much value does a garden add to a home in your area? 
Here is the average premium people would pay by region to buy a home with a garden: 
1. South East, £31,768
2. London, £31,447
3. North East, £30,942
4. East Midlands, £29,472
5. South West, £29,333
6. East of England, £28,845
7. West Midlands, £25,615
8. Yorkshire and Humber, £24,070
9. North West, £22,471
10. Scotland, £22,208
11. Wales, £22,036
Source: Zoopla 
Close behind are Londoners, who are willing to fork out an extra £31,447 if it means getting a home with a garden, followed by buyers in the North East of England, who will hand over an additional £30,942 if needs be.
Buyers in Wales are the least willing to pay a hefty premium for outdoor space, typically spending no more than £22,036 more for a property. The average cost of a home in Wales is currently £190,880.
Homeowners in Scotland and the North West of England are similarly reluctant to pay a major premium for a home with a garden, with most unwilling to spend anything over £22,000 to bag some outdoor space.
A homeowner typically spends around 21 hours a month in their garden, while for people renting a property, this falls to just 12 hours a month.   
Lawrence Hall, a spokesman for Zoopla, said sellers and landlords should make sure gardens are properly maintained as it is 'certainly an important selling point for buyers and renters.'
He added: 'With the good weather set to continue, it is only natural that more people will be on the hunt for properties with outside space to enjoy the sun.'