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Britain to bask in sun after one day more of rain on Wednesday

LONDON May 2: A band of rain will sweep across the British Isles affecting Northern Ireland first before spreading to England and Wales today.
But temperatures will rise into the weekend, and are expected to get as high as 80F (26C) by Bank Holiday Monday, making large parts of Britain warmer than Spain's Costa Del Sol, Majorca and Ibiza. 
Despite the wet start to the week, with the bank holiday approaching, Ms Kent said across the south east of the UK it 'promises at the moment to be dry' with 'increasing amounts of sunshine'.
'We could see temperatures reaching possibly the mid twenties... we could see 24C (75F) or 25C (77F) in London,' she added.
Yesterday, in some areas a month's worth of rain fell in 24 hours, leaving roads blocked by floods and fallen trees. Kent's coast beach huts were battered and swept away by the waves.
Cricketers in the Essex v Hampshire fixture took to the pitch wearing woolly hats while tourists punting on the River Cam in Cambridge had to wrap up in rugs. 
Highs of just 5.5C (42F) in Frittenden, Kent and 8C (46F) in Norwich were recorded. But temperatures are set to rise by more than 15C by the bank holiday weekend. 
Just over a week ago Britain enjoyed a heatwave with a top temperature of 29.1C (84.3F) recorded in St James's Park, London, on April 19, making it the hottest April day since 1949.