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1,500 junior doctors in UK have had their job offers withheld after mistake

LONDON May 7: The British Medical Association (BMA) has said it is "appalled" by an administration error that has left as many as 1,500 junior doctors uncertain about their futures.
On Wednesday, the final letters were sent out informing junior doctors around the country which hospital and specialism they would be given depending on scores given after an interview process.
On Thursday, it was discovered that a human error when inputting the scores led to doctors being allocated the wrong positions.
Now the allocation process needs to be restarted and all offers have been rescinded. The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has apologised for the error.
"We are deeply sorry that it has been necessary to rerun the ST3 offer process due to a mistake in this round of processing. We have taken this approach to be fair to all candidates which can only be achieved with the real scores used," it said in a statement.
"We appreciate what a worrying time this is for you and will provide as much information as we can, when we can, so you know what is happening, and when to expect more information."
Although the error was noticed within a day of the final deadline for allocating positions, some junior doctors were given their result as early as 26 April and had already begun planning their new lives with some out of pocket.
The BMA is seeking legal advice.
"We have heard from trainees who have, after receiving these job offers, put down deposits on homes, arranged moves or whose families had adjusted their plans," it said.
"We will be taking legal advice on whether this withdrawal constitutes a breach of contract in England or any of the devolved nations and seeking recompense for any funds already spent by trainees planning a relocation to a job which is subsequently withdrawn."
The BMA says support will be available on phone lines from Tuesday morning.