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Britain to bask with temperatures soaring towards 22C next week

LONDON April 11: Britain is set to be hotter than parts of Greece next week as temperatures soar towards 72F (22C).
The country is set to get an early taste of summer with the first decent spell of warm sunshine this year, following a miserable past few months that have brought deep snow, flooding and heavy rain to much of the UK.
Forecasters say settled conditions will begin to develop by midweek, and should last through the weekend into next week – with the Met Office expecting temperatures in the sunshine to reach up to 66F (19C) by this Friday.
The weather could then be warmer on Saturday in the South East with 68F (20C) possible, before conditions get even more pleasant on Sunday with 72F (22C) - hotter than the 70F (21C) expected in Kefalonia, Greece.
It therefore looks likely that this weekend could see the highest temperature of the year so far, beating the previous 2018 record in Britain of 66.9F (19.4C) which was recorded in Gravesend, Kent, only last Saturday.
Met Office forecaster Nicky Maxey said Sunday should bring temperatures of up to 61F (16C) more widely, but those in a dry spell with sunshine and a break of cloud in the South East could see 72F (22C).
She added: 'Those warmer temperatures certainly look as though they're continuing into next week. So as we go through much of next week the indications are generally for warm weather, perhaps very warm in places.'