Ramzan fasting from Thursday; Moon not sighted

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM May 16: Muslim religious heads have informed that fasting for Ramzan will begin from Thursday since moon-sighting didn’t occur anywhere in the State on Tuesday.
“Kasis’ had informed that they should be alerted if the moon was sighted in any part of the State.
“But, they had not got any reliable information on it and later it was decided to start fasting from Thursday,” said Palayam ImamMaulavi  Suhaib V P and South Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama Secretary Thodiyoor Muhammed Kunju Moulavi said in a joint statement.
Meanwhile, Hijri Committee had informed that Ramzan fasting will start on Wednesday. The fasting will end on June 13 and Eid al-Fitr will fall on June 14.
For thirty days from Thursday, Muslims will observe penance, seek blessings from Allah, fast in day times and in the evening will break the fast after mass prayers.