Dozens hit out at ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ by forming human chain around mosque

LONDON April 4: Nearly 100 people have formed a human chain outside a mosque in Newcastle to fight against racism and Islamophobia.
Members of Citizens UK are standing in solidarity with Muslims on a day which encourages violence against members of the religion.
Tyne and Wear Citizens, the local branch of Citizens UK, say they are ‘spreading love, not hate’ on ‘Punish a Muslim’ day. Police are investigating after sick documents were sent to people up and down the country warning them of a ‘Punish a Muslim’ day on April 3.
The letters boast of horrific ‘rewards’ if people carry out attacks on Muslims, including torture, burning down mosques and throwing acid in peoples’ faces.
Many women were warned to hide their hijabs and not walk alone in response to these threats, while families were urged to lock their doors and be careful when out and about.
But in the face of these threats, many people have been showing their solidarity with Muslims as Brits unite to fight against racism.
And in a show of strength and unity, close to 100 members of Tyne and Wear Citizens joined forces outside Newcastle Central Mosque today. On Twitter the group posted: ‘Spreading love not hate, building bridges not walls.’