Muslim bodies in Kerala unite to oppose Govt moves against minorities

Kozhikode April 2:  Muslim organizations of Kerala came together to raise their united voice against some of the policies of the state government on issues like community reservation,  liquor proliferation,  moves against right to religious propagation, and decision to close educational institutions.   
The meeting which was convened by Muslim League and initiated by League's state president Panakkad Hyderali  Thangal resolved that the community will stand together to resist such moves from the part of the government,  said Sadiqali Thangal and PK Kunhalikutty MP in a press conference after the meet.
As a first step,  leaders of the organizations will meet the chief minister and submit a memorandum.  A delegation was selected and authorised for this.   If things do not improve with that,  an agitation will be organized with the involvement of like-minded organizations. 
 The meeting assessed that in the matter of reservation,  the state government has been adopting a policy against the constitution which hurt the rights of Muslim community.  For agitation on this issue if necessary,  the co-operation of other communities who stand to lose their quota by such steps,  will also be enlisted.  
There was also a consensus that the government's new liquor policy will have far-reaching negative consequences.  For opposing this policy,  the organizations will seek to get the organizations advocating prohibition to stand together. 
On another front, i.e. registering series of cases against religious speakers,  the leaders said,  this poses a threat against the principle of freedom of expression. 
There have been unreasonable actions against Muslim leaders and institutions,  as evidenced by the incidents in Farook College which were not isolated.
The meeting was also attended by  representatives of different organizations including ET  Muhammed Basheer MP,  Dr Bahavuddeen Muhammed Nadvi,  Ummar Faisi Mukkam,  Dr Husain Madavoor,  PP Unneen Kutt Maulavi,  O. Abdurrahman,  T. Shakir, Samad Kunnakkaavu,  TK Ashraf, CP Kunhu Muhammed,  TK Abdul Kareem,  Prof E Abdul Rasheed,  NK Ali, DR PT Seydu Muhammad,  K. Kutti Ahmed Kutti,  and MC Mayin Haji. KPA Majeed welcomed the participants.