Kuthiyottam: Nobody has asked me for explanation: Sreelekha

KOCHI March 6: Jail DGP R Sreelekha has said she is adhering to her earlier stand on Kuthiyottam. “Nobody has asked for explanation over my stand. I care least about criticism made against me.
What I pointed out was the on-going torture in Kuthiyottam. I wrote about it in my blog in order to make it a topic of discussion and expecting there would be action against it,” Sreelekha explained.
Sreelekha’s remark was that in the name of Kuthiyottam held as part of Attukal Pongala, children were being subjected to physical and mental agony.
The parents and temple authorities enrolled children for Kuthiyottam without their consent.  
The DGP even likened the children’s stay in the temple during Kuthiyottam as stay in jail, when they were not allowed to go home or meet their parents for five days.
Following this, news spread that Chief Secretary Paul Antony had sought explanation from Sreelekha over her comment.