Lord will call and I will go: Yesudas says he’ll not visit Padmanabhaswamy temple soon

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Oct 2: Marking the beginning of the Soorya Festival here on Sunday with his concert, legendary singer Dr. K J Yesudas has said that he will not be visiting the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple any time soon.
He added that the decision to not visit the temple is not because of any pressure or persuasion from anyone but because of his respect and fear of god.
“I’ve not been able to visit the Guruvayoor temple till now. I felt sad when I was not allowed to enter the temple though I had much desire to visit the deity.
Then I resolved not to visit any of the other Krishna temples without visiting Guruvayoorappan. But I had to break that resolve once when I had to visit the Udupi Sri Krishna temple owing to the pressure from my friends.
That happened while I was returning from Sree Mookambika temple. I didn’t want to but I didn’t want to make my friend feel bad either.
And then a miracle happened. On that day, lord Krishna in Udupi was decorated as lord Sreerama. I took that as an omen,” he said.
He also said that not just Sree Panmanabhaswamy temple but none of the places of worship should be visited by force. “The lord will call and then I must go. It wouldn’t be good otherwise.
I’m not saying this because I saw some messages in WhatsApp or other places. This is a genuine fear I have in my mind. I’ll wait until I’m called, and when I feel it’s the right time, I’ll definitely visit the Sree Panmanabhaswamy temple,” he clarified.
He added: “I remember a story told to me by my dad once. It’s the story of how once a Nambudiri was going with a goat and four people surrounds him and say many confusing things and finally make the Nambudiri believe that the animal he has is actually a dog and not a goat, and how he finally abandons the animal.
That’s an advise as well as a strength.”