Non-violent action possible if Guru’s ideas accepted, says Kodiyeri

VARKALA Jan 2: CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan Sunday said that if one accepted the idea of Sree Narayana Guru that human beings are bigger, then non-violent organisational activities are possible. All have the freedom to work in the state.
Clashes can be avoided if followed the words of Guru over the emptiness of violence. All should have the vigour to make reality the teachings of Guru.
As Guru said, we should not work for one caste or religion, but should work for all humans, this should be in mind, he said while inaugurating the organisational meet of the Sivagiri pilgrimage.
All political parties should try to solve issues through discussions and debates. There are various organisations. Clashes break out between political and religious organisations. Ideological conflict is quite natural. New ideas crop up when there is an ideological fight.
It may take years to accept reality. Bruno was burnt to death for saying that the earth is round and Galileo was held captive. Ideological conflict will lead to social progress. However, physical conflict is seen more.
The demand for its release is being strengthened. Most killings witnessed in the state was in the name of religion. No religion calls for a conflict, he said.