Shashi Tharoor lauded for sharing picture depicting secularism in Kerala

KZHIKODE June 17: Shashi Tharoor is one of the most active Indian leaders on social media and he has been making news for all the right reasons.
Be it his speech on why Britain owes reparations to India or his tweet about an “exasperating farrago of distortions”, Tharoor has been in the social media spotlight for quite some time.
Now the MP from Kerala is being lauded for sharing what is being described as the most secular image in recent times with a commentary describing the spirit of unity in the state.
With a picture where Tharoor can be seen seated with religious figures from different communities, he wrote how it was typical in Kerala that he was talking to a swami after addressing a Muslim Jamaat meeting at YMCA.
People commented how this is a wonderful aspect of our society that needs to be nurtured in the entire country and many praised Tharoor’s commentary on several similar issues as well as the message he tried to convey.
Kerala has made news in the past few days for initiatives towards communal harmony with mosques using a single loudspeaker to prevent noise pollution to locals.
Weeks back a mosque opening doors to parents of children appearing for exams also made headlines.