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Beauty Queen crowned winner at the age of 85

Nov 1 2017: 85 year old, Elizabeth Lategan, won the Annual Spring Queen beauty pageant has positive reviews about pageant and women about their bodies to treat them as a temple.

She says winning a community beauty pageant is proof that a positive mind and hard work can increase your lifespan and good looks.

She is one of 18 senior women from Kensington and Factreton who participated in the annual Spring Queen beauty pageant at Kensington Civic Centre.
She has beaten all the other women, who were mostly younger than her. When she was approached for the competition that was aimed at raising funds for Meals on Wheels, a community organization that helps elderly people in Kensington and Factreton, she thought the organizers were teasing her.
"But I decided to give it a shot and there was no time to prepare or practice my moves. I just went there and I won. There were younger participants who looked really nice, but my good looks impressed the judges. I am happy, it proved that I am as beautiful and strong as I feel."
She gives advice to young people, especially women, to take care of their bodies and be active, saying it is the secret to her good looks and healthy body.
Though the competition was mainly focused on seniors, young girls also got an opportunity to show off as they took over the stage after the seniors' competition.