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Did KPAC Lalitha begin a new organisation for women?

KOCHI Jan 6: For the past two days, it has been rumoured through social media that Kasaba controversy has split Women in Cinema Collective (WCC), the women’s organisation in cinema.  
Certain online media have been spreading this news like wild fire.
WCC had posted on their Facebook page an article that had come on Kasaba but subsequently this post was removed.
The organisation had faced massive cyber-attack in connection with the issue. The audience expressed their protest by reducing the rating of their Facebook page.
Behind this, the news had spread that WCC had split and a new organisation was formed under KPAC Lalitha. Manju Warrier also left the organisation, it was said.
But now Kerala Chalachithra Academy Deputy director Beena Paul has come out with a reply to this. “There is no truth behind this rumours.
I reject all this rumours. WCC has not collapsed,” she said in an interview to national medium.