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Trolled Over Mammootty Comment, Kerala Actor's Tearful Apology On Facebook (Video)

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Sept 27:  Kerala actor Anna Rajan, 25, wept on Facebook Live on Monday as she explained that she had meant no disrespect to mega star Mammootty, 66, when she answered a question on a TV show on whether she would like to act with him or his son Dulquer Salman, also an actor.
"I was forced to answer whether I would like to act with Dulquer Salman or Mammootty. I said let me be paired with Dulquer and let Mammootty be the father.
I meant Dulquer's father. I even added that I could be paired with Mammootty and Dulquer could act as the father," said Ms Rajan, popularly called Lichy after she played a character of that name in her first film.
She was on a comic show for children and it was meant as a funny answer. Only, Mammootty's fans were not amused.
For the last two days since the show was aired, Anna Rajan has been massively trolled and abused on social media. The superstar's fans accuse Ms Rajan of suggesting that Mammootty, 41 years older than her, could play her father and have attacked not only her but also her own father in vicious comments.
Ms Rajan apologised to them yesterday, also saying that she was misquoted. "Only one side of my statement was aired and I was heavily misquoted by media and the result was that I was massively abused on my Facebook page, to the point that I could not even open it," she said, adding, "I never wanted to insult or disrespect Mammootty or Dulquer Salman... I am no one to criticise them".
Anna Rajan has acted in two Malayalam movies to good reviews. In her latest movie, Velipadinte Pusthakam, she stars opposite Kerala's other superstar Mohan Lal, 57, as his wife. The excitement of that, however, has been completely overshadowed by the troll attack.