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Mentioning actress' name: Case against Kamal Hassan

KOZHIKODE July 15: Nadakkavu police have filed a case against actor Kamal Haasan for mentioning the name of the actress attacked in Kochi. He did this during a press conference held on Thursday.
Earlier National Women’s Commission had also sent notice to the actor for mentioning the actress’ name.
Kamal Haasan committed the faux pas while extending his support to the actress who was abducted and sexually harassed in a moving car.
 “Why is it the safety of women in the film industry alone? A female’s presence in the crowd is important to me and I will not let anything happen to her.
It’s our duty to see if you are safe. It is not just about actresses. We are not supporting her (Kamal mentioned the name here, because she is an actress).”  
When many at the conference pointed out that he shouldn’t be naming the victim, the actor replied: “It doesn’t matter if I have used the name. The media itself have used her name.
Do not hide the name as there is nothing wrong with it. If you want to call her Draupadi, call her that. Don’t refer to her as ‘a female’,” Kamal had said.