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Manju Warrier getting ready for legal fight against Dileep?

KOCHI July 12: Following the arrest of actor Dileep in the actor attack case, there are hints that actress and his ex-wife Manju Warrier is contemplating on making a legal move to get the custody of their daughter Meenakshi.
Legal experts say that in the present circumstances, if Manju moves court, she may get the custody of Meenakshi since the child’s father (Dileep) is an accused in a sexual harassment case and the role of Meenakshi’s step mother Kavya and Kavya’s mother in conspiracy case is under suspicion.
Since Meenakshi is a minor, she may not be able to take a decision on her own but Manju can convince the court of her capacity to provide financial and emotional support to the child.
However, Manju doesn’t want to drag Meenakshi to court again now, as she going through a depressing stage following her father’s arrest.
So the mother may wait, apprise Meenakshi of the situation and finally take a decision to see that the child lives with her.