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My father a Nair, mother a Catholic and Sister a Muslim: Lena.

 KOCHI Dec 4: Actress, Lena entered the film industry at an age of 17,in supporting roles, but she find her own unparalleled footing in the industry with character roles. The audience single out her with unrivaled performances.

Excerpt from her interview.
"I don't believe in religion, but in God. My father a Nair, mother a Catholic and Sister a Muslim.I love each and everyone in my family. I never felt any significance in religion",says Lena.
When asking her take on recent decry in the film industry caused disregard  among audience ,she hint it as mere confusion towards the industry and nothing negative impact for the industry.
She nulled the opinion whether she stands with him or her in the actress attack issue asserting that she don't believe in airing her opinion on each and every issue, just as she don't have  religion and politics she don't have opinions on most matters.
She identifies herself as a person who makes lot of mistakes but never the same twice.
She says,she enjoys her current single status along with friends and family and not finding a life partner anytime soon as she don't believe in marriage.
She vary her opinion and pointed, as she is not a masque or statue and not aware about what happens next and living and enjoying the moment.