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Dileep's Kammara Sambhavam and Manju Warrier's film Mohanlal to release this week

KOCHI April 11: As Malayalees usher in the spirit of the festival of Vishu, one thing that we all look forward is watching the latest films that has released in the nearest theatres, and spending quality time with family and friends.
The films that will be out this week is Manju Warrier’s film Mohanlal and Dileep’s film Kammara Sambhavam.
This is not the first time the two actors have locked horns at the cinemas, with the recent instance being Ramaleela and Udaharanam Sujatha.
However, this uncanny resemblance during the release of their films is something that triggers an interest among the movie lovers. For fans of the respective actors, this might be the time to indulge in a bet as to whose film will fare better.
While Manju Warrier’s film celebrates actor Mohanlal’s vibrant actor career and the versatile actor that he is, Kammara Sambhavam revolves around the life of Kammaran Nambiar and encapsulates three different phases of his life!
While Mohanlal is expected to release on April 13, Kammara Sambhavam will release on April 14.