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Winking forbidden in Islam, says fresh plea in SC in Priya Varrier case

KOCHI April 9: A fresh application has been filed in the Supreme Court objecting to the popular wink scene in a song from the upcoming Malayalam movie, Oru Adaar Love, saying the act of winking is forbidden in Islam.
Filed by two Hyderabad-based parties, the application refers to the verses in the Holy Quran Sharid and wants the court to hear the petitioners before giving a decision on actress Priya Prakash Varrier’s petition to quash criminal charges registered against her in connection with the wink song that went viral on the social media within hours of its release.
Earlier in February this year, the Supreme Court had stayed all the pending first information reports (FIRs) filed against the song and the movie.
The stay was granted in response to a petition filed by the director, producer and the actor. One of the applicants had previously lodged an FIR against the song in Hyderabad.
The other applicant professes to be a person “engaged in preserving the rich Muslim culture and values.”
In their application, the applicants have raised the issue of certain objectionable picturisation, “which when superimposed with the sacred lyrics of the song can very well be categorised as an act of blasphemy”.
“The 30-second clip shows a young schoolgirl and a schoolboy exchanging smiles, eyebrows wiggles and winks from across the way. It has completely captivated audiences but with a wrinkle on the face of religious Muslims,” reads the application.
Teachings of Sahih Muslim also forbid the act of winking, the applicants have claimed.