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Social media furious over 'Udan Panam' and Anchor Mathukutty

KOCHI March 8: The popular game show 'Udan Panam' aired in Mazhavil Manorama landed in controversy after telecasting the latest episode from Paravoor a small village. 
Viewers are furious over the manner in which the young and smart contestant Ms. Shahina, was eliminated from the game even though she had rightly answered all the questions that were thrown at her.
A snippet from the episode has gone viral on the social media platforms and the audience is raging over the 'unacceptable' way of the said elimination.
Shahina , the daughter of a poor labour from Kollam, was performing really well in the competition without even using up a single lifeline. Even when the anchors prompted her to use lifelines, Shahina was really smart and bold enough to carry on with her own decisions. 
After winning Rs 25000, instead of the next question, she was forced to perform a task by the anchor Mathukutty, which was to dance to the music played by the 'ATM'.
But even after a decent dance performance he announced that the 'ATM' was not satisfied with her dancing skills and in turn, she was eliminated from the competition. She had also lost half of the amount that she had won earlier.
Social Media is flooded with trolls and comments about this incident, in support of the girl. Viewers are really upset with this step of one of the best game shows of Malayalam Television.
Udan Panam is a game show that features participants from public gatherings and crowds, who enroll themselves by answering a few questions asked randomly by the hosts.
The selected contestants have to answer a series of general knowledge questions which will be displayed in front of them on an ATM screen.