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Music makes curries taste 10pc spicier, scientists find

LONDON March 13: Diners tucking into spicy food in curry houses are unlikely to notice music being played in background, however new research shows it could be having a remarkable effect on their taste buds, Telegraph newspaper reported.
For the first time research has shown that traditional music, often played by curry restaurants to set the mood for diners, may also be making their food taste hotter.
Scientists at the University of Oxford have discovered that certain types of music - those with fast beats, distorted notes and high-pitched sounds - can enhance the sensation of heat from chilli peppers.
In a series of tests researchers were able to produce specific soundtracks that can boost the spiciness of food by up to 10 per cent.
They describe the effect as "sonic seasoning". A shrill violin concerto or fast samba music were among the most effective types of music while distorted notes also seemed to increase the sensation of heat. Telegraph newspaper reported.