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Jobs Available to 'Stand in queue near ATMs' in India

CHENNAI Dec 29: ‘Standing in queue’ is now a well-paying job in India. A jeweller in Tamil Nadu is hiring people and has put up a board advertising for this in front of his shop.
The board reads: “Require people to stand in the queue near ATMs. Applications are invited from suitable candidates only.”
“Standing in the long queue in front of ATMs had become a biggest headache for me after the demonetisation. This was affecting my daily business also. Hence I gave this advertisement” Satyarth, owner of the jewellery shop said.
More interesting thing is that many unemployed had applied for the post and finally Satyarth has selected a candidate named Shekhar. He’s working with the jewellery shop on commission basis. Satyarth is giving ₹ 100 commission for every ₹ 2000.