Mithali Raj slut-shamed on Twitter for 'inappropriate dressing'

Mumbai Sept 8: India is a democratic country where people are free to make their own choices. However, the problem arises when certain sections of the society cannot respect the choices made by other people.
Despite living in a democracy, the common man of the nation often finds himself or herself under scrutiny of the moral police.
Something similar happened to one of the legends of Indian cricket this week.
Indian women’s team captain Mithali Raj received a lot of flak on Twitter for wearing, what a few fans believe, was an inappropriate dress.
"Not good to see you in this costumes. Don't mistake me. Be an Indian women that too TAMIL NADU WOMEN".
"Mithali ji did not expect me to dress such a dress from you. At least you do not love your respect, you will finish the respect of your fan"
One particular fan even pushed the buck a little further, calling the captain of the Indian cricket team a “porn star”.
"Are you porn star???? Have you any respect?
However, not all fans criticised Mithali. The 34-year-old cricketer, who has scored a world record 6,190 runs in ODI cricket, received a lot of support from a number of other fans.
Walnut sized brained people will always have some nonsensical observations to make!! Shame on them😕
we proud of u. u r really gem of our country. i shocked that people had so narrow mind that they talk abt dressing sense instead of talent.
Miss Mithali plz don't react or succumb to such morons who jst want to gain attention at ur cost.U hav made India proud & v admire u fr tht.